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We have made the decision to not resume Alpaca walks or camping this Easter due to the consistent rain and upcoming forecast. Walking conditions are currently unsafe and we need wait until this improves.

  Hopefully we will have a sunny (not rainy at least) end of April and enjoy the season going forward.

  Please contact me via email with your contact details and I will happily be in touch once we have an opening date confirmed.

   Thanks very much for your patience and all at happyard and Bride Valley Alpaca hope you had a yummy scrummy Easter and look forward to seeing you soon 🐇🐰🤠



*** New for 2024 ***


Soak up the rays☀️and relax in our alpaca paddocks.


Sit or lay quietly among our herd of curious alpaca and take in the beauty surrounding you. Alpacas are inquisitive but gentle and love to investigate with a gentle sniff and a kiss if you are patient and calm. 


Feel your heartbeat slow as you breath in the countryside air and simply enjoy being in the moment leaving all your stress and worries behind.


Follow up your experience with a complimentary hot/cold beverage or upgrade to a glass of prosecco and cupcakes for that extra special occasion.


Each session is for up to 90mins for a maximum of 2 people.


Introductory sessions are £30 including a guide to accompany you amongst the alpaca for the first time to help you to relax and understand alpaca etiquette before leaving you to it alone.


Subsequent visits if you wish to return will not require the initial guide unless requested so will be a discounted price of £25 for 2 people.


Sessions will run throughout the summer from June 24.


Please email for availability.

Enjoy our Alpaca experiences


*** New for 2024 ***


Bring your picnic along and spend time in our Happyard garden surrounded by grazing alpaca and friendly pets. Have the opportunity to feed the alpaca whilst finding out more about them and enjoying a complimentary hot/cold drink. We also have a little gift shop with products made from our  alpaca herd.
Relax and spend time watching our beautiful Bride Valley alpaca family and the rest of our Happyard furry friends.

Happyard offers a whole range of fun experiences including 'Be a farmer for a day', Alpaca Walks, Alpaca Parties, Meet and Care for an Alpaca and  so much more!


We also run a relaxed campsite with basic amenities.

We believe everyone (not just the privileged) should have the opportunity to spend time around animals, horses and alpaca in particular as they offer an amazing calming therapy.  We are trying to build a yard which is going to benefit so many people including those less fortunate by providing animal experiences for free.

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